Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow, Ian is 5! (Technically, 5 years and 8 days, now)

Last Monday, July 6, 2009, my baby boy number 1 turned 5! I can't believe it.

We celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese with his brother, Evan, and his friends, Brock, Battle, Brewer, Makenna, Ashlyn, and Ellie.

He loved the Chuck E. Cheese party and I highly recommend it to parents of 4-7 year olds!

Just some thoughts on my beautiful boy:

He made a grand entrance into this world (let me tell you the story sometime) and is still making grand entrances where ever he goes.

Ian is an interesting child.

His cousin Isaac is his 'best friend' and hero.

He is so loving and caring.

He is very smart and already loves to do math. He asks his dad to make him out 'pop quizzes' so he can test his knowledge.

He loves to play trivia. Of course the questions generally revolve around the Holy Grail, Abraham Lincoln, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

He is a typical big brother. He loves Evan sometimes and 'hates' him other times, but you say something bad or do something to Evan and see how quickly he jumps in to defend him.

He is very interested in history and wars. He especially likes to hear about the civil war and his great-great-great grandfather, George Washington Welch, who fought for the Confederacy. Shiloh is one of his favorite destinations.

He wants nothing to do with organized sports, but loves to swim and play on the swing set in the backyard. He loves to play spying games, war games, and pirate games. The swing set is his fort/ship/headquarters for most.

He is worried every night that he played too many 'gun games' during the day and asks if he did. He doesn't want to have bad dreams.

He now thinks kissing is gross.

He has beautiful brown eyes.

He is growing too tall (now at 44 inches). He is built solid and Coach Wes at church is always telling me that he can not wait to see what kind of football player Ian will be.

Most importantly, Ian loves God. He loves to tell the stories he learns from the Bible. He always wants to kill the devil and the bad guys because they do not love God.

What else could a mom ask?

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