Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Started

Well, here goes nothing. I have been reading blogs for a while and think maybe it is time that I joined the blogger world. My life is like a circus sometimes with my 2 boys (3 actually--one just happens to be the one I am married to). I love being a mom and wife. I love my life as well. I hope that the events of my life may put a smile on some faces or at least a nod of knowing sympathy from those other moms of boys out there.

My boys are ages 4 and 3. We waited later in life to have our boys. More accurately, God waited until we were older to give us our boys. They are 14 months apart, so at times it is like having twins around here. I had 4 years of diapers (3 with 2 in diapers), I had two on bottles, two in cribs, two with pacifiers. You get the picture. It has been quite a tiring 4 years for me, but it is getting easier month by month. I shouldn't complain. At least my boys were sleepers and slept through the night most of the time. Usually the only time they would wake at night as babies was when they were sick. So, I count myself blessed.

My 4 year old is Ian. He is so much like me it isn't funny. (Or at least that is what my mom tells me) He is very interested in learning all he can about everything. He soaks up everything he hears like a sponge, especially about science and math. Here is an example of an exchange he and I had yesterday:

Ian: Mom, can you get me an inclined plane? I want to push my cars up on my bed.
Me: Sure, Ian. What is an inclined plane? (asking to see if he knows what he is talking about)
Ian: (looking at me as if I had just asked the dumbest question in the world) Mom, it is a simple machine. You know, like a board or a ramp.

Life with Ian is going to be very interesting as he gets older and learns more.

Now, Evan! What a child! Kenneth says that Evan is a lot like he was. The dear Lord must have given me Evan to teach me patience. I have recently learned to stop praying for patience. Instead, I pray for perseverance. That is what it is going to take to survive Evan. Let me describe him for you. He is very strong willed. He is the one who makes his big brother cry. He has a vein on the side of his neck that pops out when he is angry (he got that from his Papa Jerry who has one on his forehead). He likes to make himself heard and likes to have things his way. An example of Evan:

Me: Evan, stop writing on the wall!!! Give me that pen, NOW!!!
Evan: NO!!!!! (takes off running to the other room)
Me: You better stop right there, young man!!!
Evan: You are fired, Mom!

Now, for the gentle side, Evan is my precious angel. He is very sweet, when he wants to be. And is the first to say the kindest things to me. He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses and is such a blessing. He likes to play alone and is so much fun to sit and listen to when he doesn't know you are listening.

Life with Evan is always an adventure!

My 3rd boy is my husband Kenneth. He is the most amazing man I know. I am so blessed to share my life with him. We have been married almost 19 years. Although we have had the normal ups and downs of a marriage, our relationship is stronger than it has ever been. We actually like each other which is something that a lot of folks who have been married as long as we have can't say! He is an amazing father and I am so thankful that God put him in my life!

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